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We are three crazy pony ladies, or are we three pony crazy ladies?  Now my head hurts as I digress.  Crazy or not we are pros at breeding and raising ponies for driving, dressage, and other horse sports. 

Meet The Team

Joanna Compton Mys has competed with ponies and horses in dressage and Working Equitation.  She has groomed and managed barns for FEI riders and was one of the partners instrumental in bringing Working Equitation to the USA.    She is especially talented in working with the foals and young horses getting them ready to start their career with the trainers. 


Jean White is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist, and a former USDF Certified Instructor 4th Level, and FEI competitor.  She was instrumental in bringing Working Equitation to the USA.  Jean was a dressage instructor, trainer, clinician, judge, and competitor before taking up driving and breeding ponies when the time came to retire from her riding career.  "I've always loved ponies and driving is a way for me to continue in horse sports".  Jean has a long list of horses and ponies of a variety of breeds that she has bred, raised, trained, and seen succeed in dressage, driving, eventing, and pleasure.  She loves matching the right pony with the right person.

Darleen Gruver has owned and competed her equines for 25 years.  She worked extensively with Grand Prix rider and trainer Jill Hardt with her TB, Morgan, and lastly her dressage winning Connemara/TB cross mare Golden Ivy.   Darleen has been driving the young ponies and was especially influencial in bringing along Suzy Stafford's Tegan Ceri.   A practicing and respected RN, Darleen is the "go to" person in any pony or person health emergency. 

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