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Our mares are broodmares because of their performace, soundness, trainability, and temperament.  They have all been ridden or driven or both with the exception of Synod Rosanne.  Our mares include WPCSA National Champions, Driving horse longlisted for the WEG's, winners in dressage and driving and producers of winners in dressage and driving.   Click on the "Details button" for more information on each mare and her produce gallery.

Here-Be Lilith Faire
Synod Rosanne 5-2020.jpg
Synod Rosanne
HF Ciela (Andalusian)
Tegan Rhosyn

We are offering our Mare Share programs for 2022.  The following mares will be available.

  • HF Ciela - Booked for 2022

  • Tegan Rhosyn

Everyone else is booked or are being shown. 

The Mare Share program allows you to take advantage of our proven broodmares to produce a foal for yourself.  You can breed to one of our stallions or AI to a stallion of your own choosing.   All outside stallions must be approve by Tegan Welsh.

Cost for breeding to our stallion is a $500 deposit that is non-refundable once the mare is in foal with the remaining $1500 due upon a positive pregnancy test.  Foal must be picked up within 8 weeks after weaning.  Foal owner pays foal farrier costs and veterinary costs directly to vet and farrier. 

Cost for breeding to an outside stallion is a $500 deposit with the remaining  $1500 due upon positive pregnancy test.  All vet and insemination fees paid are paid by you directly to the vet.  Foal owner pays foal's farrier costs and veterinary costs directly to vet and farrier. 

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