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Our ponies all grown up. 

Tegan Willow

Tegan Willow (Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x HF Olivia x UVF Vindicator) has successfully competed in carriage driving and dressage. Here with owner Martha Stover

Tegan Ceri winning at Grand Oaks CDE

Tegan Ceri (Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x HF Ciela) has many wins in CDEs under owner Suzy Stafford.

Tegan Chymrye

Tegan Chymrye (Forrest Flame x Lascaux Calypso x Gallod Time to Go) despite being only 14h is competing at Training Level Eventing with her Jr. owner Skyler.

Tegan Tallsyn on Cross Country

Tegan Tallsyn (Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x Tegan Tina) is a cracking good pony on cross country.


Volera (Puntero VI x Lascaux Calypso x Gallod Time to Go)

Tegan Mateo

Tegan Mateo (Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x HF Oliana x Puntero VI) is a 2017 gelding just starting in dressage with his owner Lyn Brooks

Tegan Twywn winning 2.5  jumpers

Tegan Twywn (Synod Ronan x Tegan Tina)has wins in carriage driving, eventing, and jumpers with his Jr. rider Norah.

5-2020 Skye

Tegan Aurelio (Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x HF Ciela) is a 2017 colt now owned by FEI dressage rider Skye Newkirk

Tegan Twywn and Tegan Camdyn

Tegan Twywn and Tegan Camdyn in Tandem.

Tegan Harrison

Tegan Harrison (Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x Ashland Hope x Nebo Calonog safely carries his Jr. riders over fences.

Tegan Rhosyn

Tegan Rhosyn (Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x Here-Be Lilith Faire) This four year old has already scored 70% in driven dressage at training level.

Tegan Willow

Willow (Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x HF Olivia) is an accomplished dressage pony as well as a winner in carriage driving.

Tegan Franklin

Tegan Franklin (Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x Ashland Princess Ffiona x Gallod Replica) owned by Catherine Peak.

Tegan Tyler

Tegan Tyler (Lacaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x Tegan Tina) Cross Country Schooling with owner Kathy. 2020

Tegan Cadi

Owned by Jennifer Burch, Tegan Cadi practices her dressage at Tristan Oaks South.

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