Our ponies are handled from birth with the goal of producing  successful riding or driving ponies.  We work on bringing out the best movement and temperament while instilling confidence, independent thought, and excellent trainability.  Our training program for foals includes leading, grooming, tying, cross tying, loading in the trailer, washing, and clipping.   Yearlings are hauled out to see the world.  Two year olds are introduced to lunging, saddles, bridles, and harness.  As long two year olds they are ground driven and introduced to a rider's weight. They also have more time in the trailer seeing shows and other farms.   As 3 year olds they go to one of several of the great trainers we utilize to begin their driving or dressage training.  We prefer to sell successful 4 year olds but realize that some accomplished riders and drivers would like to start their own.  You are welcome to inquire about any foals or young ponies we have listed here as available. 

2019 Welsh Foal

June 18, 2019

This Welsh C foal will have a pedigree with National Champions, Driving Champions, and Dressage Champion producers.  This is the first cross for this pair:  Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" x Lascaux Jackie O.  Jackie has produced winning driving ponies from a cross with Synod Ronan and so we look forward to this cross of more Synod breeding. 

Tegan Gwen

March 14, 2019

This Welsh x Andalusian cross filly is a full sibling to Suzy Stafford's Tegan Ceri and our Tegan Aurelio.   A great prospect for the serious driving or dressage competitor.  She looks like she will stay bay and mature a large pony.

Tegan Aurelio "Leo" SOLD

This 2017 colt has the conformation and gaits to take you to the top in dressage or driving.  Leo should mature a large pony.  He will be fancy.

Tegan Rhosyn SOLD

This lovely 2017 Welsh Pony of Cob Type is a head turner.  By the Champion Welsh stallion Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" and out of Here-Be Lilith Faire, a winner in Combined Driving with top dressage scores.  Lily's dam was in the ribbons at the 2016 Pony Dressage Nationals.  Rhosyn is bred to become a winning athlete in dressage or driving or both!

Tegan Mateo

This 2017 gelding is outgoing and super people oriented.  To mature a large pony.  "Owen" will be fancy in the dressage arena or on the carriage driving circuit.  This pony will want to be your best friend.  "Owen" is by the Champion Lascaux Ginkgo "Wilson" and out of HF Oliana.  This breeding continues our successful crossing of this Welsh line with our special dressage bred Andalusians. 

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